Weddings from heaven and the wastes from hell

                                         It's the month of May now and as many you have noticed the marriage season is on. Before the monsoon rain starts pouring on our soil every one is in a hurry to finish of the sacred ceremonies that binds two people for eternity, at least in theory. It is widely believed that marriages are made in Heaven. Well it might be true, but we Indians like to do everything different. Here we bring down the heaven to Earth for the marriages. Celebration, the bands, wedding cakes, candid photography, horse ride for the bride and groom, DJ shows, dances and even Ghazal songs. Whatever it may be the favorite part of the marriage that ranked just after the literal marriage is the Lunch. Who doesn't love the tasty soul filling crunchy filled delights that the party arranges us for the feast. Mmmmhmm I can still feel the taste of  butter chicken I had from my friends marriage feast!

                                               We hold no bars when we arrange a marriage function. They may call it as the marriage for the two people, but actually it is for the entire community. Lots and lots of people are invited, some of them come, some may not and some even come uninvited, all part and parcel of the trade. The challenge behind every marriage function is arranging the feast as you are never completely sure how many people will actually turn up, So what most of us do is throw a party inviting 1000 people and arrange food for 1500. oh Yes! 500 extra just in case. Well the social standards will be judged directly and indirectly during such events  and shortage of food, even pappads can welcome a major pr nightmare for the elegant name the family has built for itself in the society. Added to that the secret murmurs and ridiculing that goes around for a long time till people attend another wedding to forget all about this one.

                                            I wonder if there has ever been any marriage function that has never had any left over food. The larger the function more is the leftover food there is. The ratio only keeps getting bigger. Every year a tremendous amount of food is wasted across our country in the name of celebrating marriage. While a family takes a great deal care and attention to design, plan and execute a wedding function, all most all of them have turned a blind eye towards the food being wasted in this fashion. It's funny and quite ironic that these kind of idiotic behavior happens so much in a country like India, where half of the population is still struggling to find their morning breakfast. There are on the one-hand side the ethics of wasting food and then there on the other hand is the consequences to act of wasting food. Food waste is organic in nature and yes, it can decompose itself in time back into soil. But the toll it takes for doing that is quite high. The release of carbon dioxide during the breakdown of organic molecules into the atmosphere is one more source that adds into the already severe problem of global warming. There is already a phenomenal amount of food waste being generated in India especially in the cities. The food waste from marriage functions and parties are like extra dose of hectic load to an already struggling waste management system.

                                      It is high time we address these issues to ensure that planet we live in sustains itself for our future generations to lead a proper living. Celebrations are always welcome, it's one of those things that makes us human; but we must acknowledge the fact that we can celebrate something without having to waste anything. A little bit of our time and effort we put into it and we can stop these sort of food wastage.  Starvation has the history of bringing down entire civilizations and rightly enough we should value food that is available to us. In cases where proper management was there, but still food waste exist we must focus on how to utilize it. If it's unused food you could always contact volunteers and  organisations that supplies food to the needy. What might be extra food for you is a boon for many others. In cases where the food waste is simply the physical waste in the form of leftovers that's generated from feasting, it is better not to follow the traditional dumping method. Our cities are already filled without enough waste and none of us really want our happy weddings to be a reason for destroying the ecosystem of our beautiful city. There are different ways available in the market in which you can process your organic/food wastes sustain-ably without straining the environment. Dedicated companies like Solwearth (organic waste converter manufacturers in India) has spend their time and resources in researching and developing products that helps manage our waste without hurting the environment. The SE Food waste converter product from Solwearth is one such product which you can easily use to convert your food waste to soil additives at minimal cost. Every household and streets can install one as part of the neighborhood collective and take step towards solving their waste problems. For wedding parties and other events it can actually reduce their overall costs by not having to pay for the waste management after the event. It's a gain for every one  and at the same time helps us stay committed to the goal of a healthy environment. Food waste converter in Mumbai.

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