Investing in waste management and its necessity.

Human beings have seen a great wave improvement ever since the industrial revolution. Looking at the entire human history it is very easy to conclude that the last three centuries have seen more human capital development and progress than any other period of our existence. We have evolved ourselves as global citizens of a global village. The more we develop the more we produce and the more we consume. The greater we consume the greater we generate wastes and that’s a problem for us, and the world. We need to solve it.

Running a business is a difficult task with a lot of variables to be carefully monitored and studied. We are used to having our businesses focus on economic currents, market behaviours, new laws and regulations and the need of the customer. While all this is important there are a few things that we have taken for granted, out of habit, out of ignorance. Now the time has come for us to consider these factors, that we have habitually neglected, factors such as the sustainability of our natural resources and waste management. It is necessary to look into these factors now because our past ignorance and reluctance have created far-reaching consequences that range from environmental degradation to health hazards.

Laws regarding environment protection and their sustenance have existed in our country in at least some form. To an extent, businesses are forced to be responsible in that front at least when they set out initially. Whereas for waste management companies and individuals have too far put the total weight in governments and governmental services on taking care of the waste produced by them. It’s high time we change that attitude of irresponsibility and convenience. I know from 2010 government policies have been slowly diving into the realm of better waste management at all levels. As our collective experiences have taught us that bureaucratic processes can be slow in a big country like India, we must not always wait for the government to make us do the right things.

Waste management is a serious issue and tackling it is very important. It is a fairly simple problem when faced at the source levels but out of control at accumulated levels. At the source, the amount of waste that one has to think about is manageable quite easily and that is precisely why everyone must take responsibility. Accumulation of waste and improper waste management leads to a wide array of problems from foul-smelling streets to epidemics to pollution of valuable natural resources. Stakes are high and today every educated man and woman are aware of the problems that waste can create. Even so at an everyday level somehow people fail to care. That’s where your sense of responsibility must prevail and guide you in making better choices.

While the moral side of the need for waste management, starting from the lowest level is quite clear, one of the biggest impediments to making that choice by businesses and individuals is the costs involved. There is always a setting up or management cost that will exist to run any process and waste management is no exception. Honestly, no cost is too much when it is about protecting things that are indispensable to the needs of life. But not all businesses tend to agree to that. An investment in waste management is not just an investment for nature but is also a positive investment for your business in terms of productivity, brand value and as well as a human resource.

There is a growing consciousness from the sides of market and customer towards environmental sustenance. Any investment made by a business towards waste management reflects on its commitment towards promoting a green future for all. A properly placed waste management system especially in industries that deal with organics waste like hospitals, hotels, helps to de-stress the work environment and brighten the workplace. This leads to better satisfaction among the workforce as well as the customers, leading to more productivity. Investments in waste management deliver you many tangible benefits for your business that gives you an edge over your competition.

Similarly, for individual or a group of individuals, an investment in waste management returns itself in the form of better living conditions. While it may be difficult for individuals to go on and invest in waste management on his own, an awareness among the individuals could ultimately lead to a community of people investing in waste management. For eg. most flat owners in India has some sort of complaint regarding their waste management or some of them doesn’t even bother disposing of their waste properly. In such a situation, a collective investment can solve easily their difficulties and also promote a clean surrounding for the society at large.

Both from the individual and business perspective investment in waste management is necessary morally and economically. Whether you have a responsibility or not, the laws and regulations are on its way to ultimately enforce this. Instead of waiting for the flow, you could start now and be the fuel for change. There are many interesting technologies and much more cost effective products today than the ones we had in the market a decade ago for waste management. Explore your options and find the right fit for you.

For food waste management, Solwearth has created a revolutionary product called the SE Food waste converter that is very easy to use, cost-effective and reliable. For those who don’t know about Solwearth Ecotech, it is one of the largest manufactures of food waste converter in India. Based in Kerala, Solwearth’s product has been received with enthusiasm all over India. Local and state governments have started using Solwearth’s product to tackle food waste management at their end.

SE food waste converter is available in various capacities suiting to the use of domestic communities to large-scale food producers. It needs only a small space of your floor area and processes the waste is less than 15 hours, which itself is better than the market average of competing products. The odourless, easy to use product makes waste management a simple task and have the additional advantage of waste being converted to an additive that can be used to improve garden soil. SE food waste converter is a kind of a product that all sizes of business can afford, making it a very easy investment.

As investing in waste management and the actual implementation of waste management is not something that we as a species cannot overlook, I urge everyone to look into this. Make wiser choices and together we can build a better world.



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